Students focus on building career skills in Information & Communication Technologies.

A CTE pathway is a series of courses enriched with skills & experiences in a focused career sector.

At Foothill, we offer a software & systems development pathway that everyone begins in grade 9 with our College & Career Seminar via Computer Literacy course. In C3, students are introduced to HTML, CSS, C++ and Javascript as well as the Adobe Creative Suite.

Dragons are encouraged to enroll in pathway-specific courses starting in grade 10.  

Three courses (listed below) are required to complete the CoDe/sign pathway.  

Register in the order given below to ensure maximum success and mastery of content. 

A student can start in grade 11, but would miss out on the option to take AP CS A.

10 | Structured Programming (C++)

10 / 11 | Makerspace: Applied Algorithms (online hybrid, flex credit)

11 | Object-oriented Design and Applied Design (C++)

OPTIONAL Grade 12: AP Computer Science A (Java)

Pathway Courses


Structured Programming or Honors Structured Programming

Structured Programming or Honors Structured Programming

Structured Programming or Honors Structured Programming


This course covers programming fundamentals, structured programming, and basic concepts of object-oriented programming. A high-level programming language is used to teach computational thinking, computer science concepts and applied programming skills. The curriculum covers the basic components, syntax, and semantics of the target programming language, C++ at this time. It introduces programming concepts such as the development of algorithms, choosing data and control structures, providing documentation, concepts of structured programming, use of arrays and pointers. Future development trends, ethics in computing and other current topics are considered.

Honors Credit Available

UC "G" Approved

Articulated for Moorpark College Credit

UC/CSU transferable, 4 credits


Makerspace: Applied Algorithms

Structured Programming or Honors Structured Programming

Structured Programming or Honors Structured Programming


This is a hands-on, applied course in digital technologies for design, creativity, fabrication and production. Units include 3D modeling, 3D printing, graphic editing, illustration, iterative design, production with laser cutter, animation, interactive web page development with HTML, CSS, Javascript and database, robotics, circuit electronics, programming in various high level languages and sound and video production.

This course removes barriers to participation in technology spaces and create a curriculum that is universally accessible to all students. It capitalizes on students' interests in emerging technologies and honors students' desire to be independent and self-directed. We guarantee students the opportunity to be successful while developing skills for the 21st century workplace. 

Hybrid Course, Flex Credit

***Could be taken at the same time as either programming course depending on schedule


Object-oriented Programming and Applied Design, Honors

Structured Programming or Honors Structured Programming

Object-oriented Programming and Applied Design, Honors


This course provides an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of the object-oriented programming methodology. Students describe and design algorithms using object-oriented techniques to solve programming problems as well as analyze and apply those algorithms; analyze software problems and develop solutions using testing and debugging techniques; and develop programs using a high-level programming language to demonstrate object-oriented design concepts and proper program style techniques.

This course continues beyond the structured programming curriculum as presented in Structured Programming. It offers an honors level class in which students can further develop their understanding of object-oriented design concepts.

Honors Credit Available

UC "G" Approved