Peer Leaders - Level 1

An online, 2.5 credit per semester course supporting our peer mentoring programs.

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About Peer Leaders - Level 1

FIRE Crew, MSO Mentors, Certified Creators

Instructor: Mrs. Conni Carr, Room D104,

Peer Leader 1 coursework is completed online for 2.5 credits per semester. It requires a total of 40 hours of participation per semester. 

Students may be required to attend face-to-face meetings to facilitate course. 

Face-to-face training events are specified for FIRE Crew in spring and summer.  

Certified Creators must be completing or have completed mastery in at least 1 unit within the Makerspace: Applied Algorithms course in order to participate.

We will use Google Classroom to engage in instruction, assignments and activities.

Google Classroom code for 2019-2020 is # ewaga3a