My Classroom Policies

Expectations for behavior, atmosphere and environment in D104



  • Be ready to learn when you walk in
  • Use quiet voices and school-appropriate, positive language
  • Be polite and accommodating to other people at all times, in all ways
  • Be careful and aware of others as you move around the room 
  • Be respectful of the personal space and privacy of others
  • Unless asked to help, keep your hands off your neighbor's computer station
  • Keep your body and belongings in your personal space
  • T.H.I.N.K. before you speak or post



  • Food and drink should be sealed and zipped into your bag, backpack or purse before you enter the lab
  • Put phone, music player and/or headphones inside your zipped bag, backpack or purse
  • Hats, hoodies and beanies are for outside - please remove and put away before coming into the classroom
  • Sign out and back in if you need to step out of the room
  • If you are late, check in
  • If you need something, please ask
  • If in doubt, please check with me first



  • Touch equipment with gentle hands
  • Be careful of cables and connections
  • Keep feet on the floor
  • Before leaving the room, log off your station and turn off the monitor
  • If it is the end of the day, power down BOTH the computer and the monitor - there should be no glowing lights
  • Return any borrowed materials
  • Push in chair before walking away
  • Put any trash you find in bin at door
  • Leave your workspace and the classroom in better condition than it was in when you arrived

What To Do If You Finish All Classwork

If or when you finish your classwork early, remember that others, including the teacher, are still working and deserve a quiet environment in which they can continue to focus on what they need to do

What To Do If You Are Absent From Class

Sometimes you have to be out of class which means you will have to be responsible for finding out what happened while you were gone, take the time to get the materials and get caught up on your work

What You Should Do If Your Instructor Is Absent

Treat our guest teacher like a million bucks and do ALL of the work that I leave for you quietly, with great maturity and with immense dignity so that I will return to a note that says, "Your class was amazingly well-behaved! I have never been in a class with such awesome students!"