Grade 9 Class Advisors

Mrs. Conni Carr, Room D104,

Ms. Kristen Pelfrey, Room G105,

Grade 9 Integrated Programs

Caption: College, Career and Consumerism via Computer Literacy, links to the course page

College & Career Seminar via Computer Literacy

Mrs. Carr and Ms. Pelfrey work with the entire class of 270+ students during the required first-year Foothill student transition course.  Students learn about Foothill's positive campus culture and how to maintain it by exercising good character.  Students learn to advocate for themselves and demonstrate responsibility for learning.  This course serves as "bootcamp" for Foothill systems, software and matriculation. It includes college, career and consumer research and projects.

Caption: FIRE Crew leaders at freshman student orientation, links to the FIRE Advisory web page

FIRE Advisory

All grade 9 students participate in the advisory period. FIRE provides an environment in which grade 9 students connect with teachers, experienced student "mentors" and each other; learn about Foothill's programs, procedures and traditions; and receive academic and social support as they transition into the rigorous academic environment at Foothill Technology High School. FIRE is a 30-minute, mid-day advisory period scheduled weekly Tuesday through Friday.

Caption: What is Renaissance? Links to the slide show description

Start Strong | Renaissance @ Grade 9

Start Strong encourages incoming grade 9 students to set high academic expectations. Students reach Renaissance status through the grades earned at each quarter and semester grading period.  Grade 9 students are eligible for academic recognition at the end of Quarter 1.  Renaissance students earn various incentives each quarter/semester (e.g., t-shirts, Renaissance Friday treats, Renaissance Friday activities, special rallies, cards with various types of passes to be used at their teachers’ discretion).