Girls do...a digital design and fabrication workshop series

Design... Code... Create... Fabricate... Build...

All you local high school ladies...join us for fun, fabrication, food

June 17 - 21, 2019

Skills Development

Tinkercad, the free, online 3D design and 3D printing app.


Adobe Photoshop

Circuit Playground

Photography, Video, Animation

HTML, CSS & Javascript

Design and Create

Laser cut leather jewelry and accessories from Custom Laser Design

3D Printing

Laser Engraving & Cutting

Interactive Electronics

Digital Portfolio Production

Interactive Web Page

Build and Publish

Streaks of colorful light, suspended in midair -

Use new skills...

Use your designs.... create something

...for others to use and enjoy


Digital Design and Fabrication Development Series

About the Workshop Series

A chance for young women to come together to learn, design, create, fabricate and publish using a variety of emerging technologies. Our DTech Dynasty 3 ladies will be coaching participants.

A new focus each day, addressing a range of interests and encouraging development of a variety of technology and design skills.

Exploratory learning for all levels - starting with the basics and finishing with building a product.

Day 1 | LEARN - 3D modeling with Tinkercad | PRODUCT - 3D printed object

Day 2 | LEARN - graphic editing with Photoshop | PRODUCT - laser engraved object

Day 3 | LEARN - electronics & code with Circuit Playground | PRODUCT - light paintbrush/music

Day 4 | LEARN - photography, video, animation | PRODUCT - digital portfolio

Day 5 | LEARN - HTML, CSS & Javascript | PRODUCT - interactive web page (Hack-a-thon prep)

Presented by Conni Carr and Kristen Pelfrey from Foothill Technology High School

When & Where

Week of June 17-21, 2019

@ Foothill Technology High School

D104 and G105

Mon., Tues., Weds., Thurs.

8:00 am - 3:15 pm 

Extended Hours M, T, W, Th

3:15 pm - 5:00 pm 


8:00 am - 2:00 pm*

*Hack-a-thon by the Sea, Girls Edition 2019 ( Friday 6 - 9 pm )

Workshop Schedule


Register, FREE

Instructors are donating time

Foothill is donating space

You're Invited!

FThS, VhS, BhS Ladies, grades 10-12

Max Capacity: 40 participants

Please Commit...

Participants are committing to attend

each day, all day, for 5 days

Never been done before

This is a pilot program...

We will be flexing our new maker space

and trying out some new skills ourselves

There will be food...

We are looking for local businesses to sponsor snacks and lunch each day...

...we will promote your business!

Cell Phone Policy

During workshop lessons and project time, we are requesting that cell phones be secured to enhance collaboration

Our Generous Community Partners


Home page image for Lasersketch Ltd.

Providing a range of laserable materials for our participants to design with


Home page image for Colorado Heirloom, Inc.

Providing beautiful, laserable wood samples for our ladies to create from


Home page image for Epilog Laser

Providing a day of laser engraving and cutting fun with a demo Zing 24 unit



We are in need of local businesses to sponsor snacks & drinks for our student participants.

We are feeding 40+ students.



We are in need of local businesses to sponsor lunches for our student participants.

We are feeding 40+ students.



We are in need of local businesses to provide promotional goodies for our participants.

We are working with 40+ students.