Annual Grade 9 Poinsettia Plant Sale

The holiday season is fast approaching and the Foothill grade 9 programs, Balboa Middle School and Poinsettia Elementary’s Outdoor Ed program are offering beautiful, locally grown poinsettias from Freyr Farms for order in November for delivery the first week in December (Tuesday, 12/1, following Thanksgiving break).

Before you purchase these decorative plants from Target or Green Thumb or another local store,
please consider ordering these holiday plants through Foothill Technology High School.  

In this way, the proceeds from your purchase directly support educational programs at
your local schools, you save on sales tax, and support our local economy.

New Order Forms --> Nov 2020

Files coming soon.

About the Fundraiser

What to Order (prestige red)

What to Order (prestige red)

What to Order (prestige red)

Prestige Red

 <<< Standard-size poinsettias in 6.5″ pots >>>

2-packs ( same color ) in RED, WHITE, PINK,

Each 2-pack is $20.

6-pack boxes ( same color ) in RED, WHITE, 



(2 red, 2 white, 2 red glitter)

(2 pink, 2 white, 2 ice punch)

Each box of 6 is $50.

<<< Large-size poinsettia in 10" pot >>>

Stands 2-2.5 feet, 20+ blooms, RED only

Single large RED plant for $25 each

How to Order (polar white)

What to Order (prestige red)

What to Order (prestige red)

Polar Bear White

Payments and forms should be returned
to your school's front office
no later than 3:30 p.m.
on Friday, November 20

Checks should be made payable to:
Foothill Tech HS

Balboa PTO or 

Poinsettia PTO as appropriate.

Foothill Tech HS Order Form (coming 11/02/20)

Balboa MS Order Form (coming 11/02/20)

Poinsettia ES Order Form (coming 11/02/20)

Pick Up @ FTHS (ice punch)

Who You Are Helping (red glitter)

Who You Are Helping (red glitter)


Plants will be available for pick up at:

Foothill Technology High School
at 100 Day Road in the cafeteria
(look for dragon on building)

from 1:55 – 5:30 p.m.

on Tuesday, December 1

Please add the delivery date and time on your personal calendar
as “forgotten” plants may be donated to charity due to a
lack of storage space available on Foothill’s campus.

Who You Are Helping (red glitter)

Who You Are Helping (red glitter)

Who You Are Helping (red glitter)


Thank you for your support of the Foothill Grade 9, Balboa Middle School or the Poinsettia Outdoor Ed program! 

If you have last minute needs,
please email me directly at
no later than 11:00 a.m. on 11/23/20
to reserve your plants 

I will be placing the order with the
grower on Monday, 11/23, afternoon.

New Order Forms --> November 2020

Files coming soon.

Sincerely, Conni Carr, FIRE Coordinator (805) 289 0023 ext 2104