We Are Developing a Makerspace

Hands On, Project-Based, Industry Level Skills Development

3D Modeling with Tinkercad and OnShape

3D Printing 

2D Design with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Laser Engraving & Cutting ( IMMEDIATE NEED )

Circuit Electronics with littleBits, Circuit Playground, Arduino

HTML, CSS, and Javascript

C++ and Java Programming

Sound and Video Production ( FUTURE NEED )

Digital Photography

Film and Digital Video Editing

Leather Work and Tooling

Sewing and Crafting

Button Making

Jewelry Design

Robotics - Design and Programming

Brought to you by...

Kristen Pelfrey

Room G105

College & Career via Computer Literacy

Conni Carr

Room D104

College & Career via Computer Literacy

Structured Programming

AP Computer Science A

Cameron Crouch

Room G104

Digital Photography


AP Art 2D


Funds for an Epilog Zing 24 30W laser cutter

Equipment & Training

$ 12,000.00

C3 - Grade 9 Course


All grade 9 students at FTHS will rotate through the CREATESpace during their year in C3; hands-on, skills based learning through creative expression, design thinking and an iterative production process

CREATESpace in the G-pod


A makerspace accessible to all Foothill students during regular school day; available to VUSD students during Extended Hours; student mentors to be trained and certified to participate as supervisors and instructors

Applied Algorithms: Makerspace


A developing flex credit course with a focus on self-directed, independent learning of digital design, fabrication and programming; face-to-face time, project production and skill verification happens in the CREATESpace

Girls Do...summer series


A week-long digital design and fabrication workshop series, piloted in June 2019; free to participants and sponsored by NewCo Foundation, Urbane Cafe, LaserSketch Ltd., Colorado Heirloom & DTech Academy

Mobile Makerspace


Available in the Media Center and other locations during Extended Hours and, in 2019-2020, during specially scheduled events.

New ideas: evening and week-end workshops

Programming Pathway


CTE pathway: Software Development

Structured Programming or 

Honors Structured Programming C++

AP Computer Science A Java

Honors Object-Oriented Programming

A "shout out" to DTech Academy!!!