What To Do If You Are Absent From Class

I was sick / had a game / had an appointment / and so I missed class!
What should I do?


  1. Check the daily agenda for your class to see what we did.
  2. Get any class notes from a buddy and copy them.  Make sure that you write your name, date, period, teacher and  the title of the notes on the page. Place your notes in your binder.
  3. If there were any handouts, print them out and place them in your binder.
  4. Start your make up work right away at home.
  5. Visit at FIRE to work on content you are unable to do at home.
  6. Plan to have assignments completed by the regular due date. Request an extension BEFORE the due date, if needed.

Athletes and school activity attendees are expected to come to FIRE the day after they miss class in order to make up class time and assignments missed.

If you are ill - stay home, rest and get better!

If you are ill - stay home, rest and get better!

What To Do If Mrs. Carr Is Absent From Class

Treat our guest teacher like a million bucks and do ALL of the work that I leave for you quietly, with great maturity and with immense dignity so that I will return to a note that says, "Your class was amazingly well-behaved! I have never been in a class with such awesome students!"