Honors Object-Oriented Programming and Applied Design

Year 2 course in C++, object-oriented

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About Honors Object-Oriented Programming

Instructor: Mrs. Conni Carr, Room D104, conni.carr@venturausd.org

Welcome to Foothill’s Honors Object-Oriented Programming and Applied Design – a second-year continuation of programming with C++ with a focus on the object-oriented design methodology.

PRE-REQUISITE: Structured Programming (CP or H) with an A, B or C grade.

This course qualifies for the UC/CSU subject "G" - College-Preparatory Elective.

This course is eligible for honors credit ( A-5, B-4, C-3 ) for FTHS and UC A-G.

This course has been approved for the articulation process with CSM10B at Moorpark College, which is a UC/CSU transferable, 4 semester unit course in the subject area of computer science.

Honors Object-Oriented Programming and Applied Design provides an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of the object-oriented programming methodology. Topics covered include encapsulation, classes, data and implementation hiding, message passing, inheritance, polymorphism, function overloading, operator overloading, parameterized functions, parameterized classes, virtual functions, exception handling, and an introduction to the Standard Template Library. Students describe and design algorithms using object-oriented techniques to solve programming problems as well as analyze and apply those algorithms; analyze software problems and develop solutions using testing and debugging techniques; and develop programs using a high-level programming language to demonstrate object-oriented design concepts and proper program style techniques.

This course continues beyond the structured programming curriculum as presented in Structured Programming. It offers an honors level class in which students can further develop their understanding of object-oriented design concepts. It provides an alternative comparable to AP CS A for students who wish to continue developing skills in the C++ language. 


If you perform well ( A, B or C ) on the embedded Moorpark College course quizzes, tests, assignments and projects, you will be able to petition for college credit through Moorpark College at the end of semester 2. 

Credit through Moorpark College is free. It is not required to petition for credit. 


Object-Oriented Programming 


Composite Classes

Parameterized Classes and Functions

Exception Handling



Input and Output

Standard Template Library


Starting Out with C++: From Control Structures through Objects, Tony Gaddis, Pearson

“Full” 8th Edition ( PDF ) | C++ Quick Reference


This is an honors-level course. It is a college second-semester course.  Mastery of subject matter is expected in order to earn an A.  Tests and quizzes will be the majority of your overall class grade.  Tests and quizzes will include conceptual paper/digital exams with multiple choice, true/false, matching or short answer questions AND in-class, standalone programming tasks.  In-class labs and homework assignments will also count towards your course grade.

We will follow the Moorpark grade calculation system. Mrs. Carr recommends that students earning an A petition for college credit and that students earning a B should consider petitioning.  If you earn a C, you need to reflect on WHY you earned a C.  Is it an issue of your understanding or is it an issue of your work ethic in the class?  If you possess a strong understanding of the content, you could consider petitioning for credit with a C.  If you do not possess a strong understanding of the content, then you should not petition for credit, just in case you wish to re-take the course in the future.  

Once CSM10B is on your college transcript, you cannot repeat it.